The server has officially launched on the 1st of August 2017, following the launch we have reached a influx of new players and mix of the existing ones which rounded up to our estimate record of 40 players on launch. Nevertheless we kept grinding thanks to our strong and passionate community and have balanced our activity throughout the Eastern and US/Pacific time-zones. We give a huge thanks to everyone who participated on launch or found out about us afterwards, we are all happy to have you aboard and willing participants on this journey in the Wild West!


Here are some screenshots and media following some role play scenes and immersive scenarios throughout the days of launch till now.



[MAP] Tutorial Camp

This is a map demonstration showing one of our camps which will be used as a base of tutorial for newcomers. The tutorial map will generally explain you the core features and give you an insight on what to do, how to do it and detail behind it.




Prison Map

This is the starter prison map. Every cell has distinctive features to make it interesting.

Some parts of the prison are still empty or clear. This is done intently, with the thought in mind that it creates room for future expansions. Shortly after launch we won’t be enforcing prison roleplay much as it’s generally the case with lower pop servers that it acts as a deterrent for roleplay. That’s what we want to avoid, that’s why this serves as a base mapping instead of a finalized project.

Once the prison becomes a small center point for roleplay, we will expand to it and add more things to do there.

Gamemode Changelog 27/04/2017 Pt. 1

Changelog 24/04/2017 Pt. 1

  • Added a patch for the horse despawn bug when driving in tight proximities with foilage
  • (Doesn’t reload every x time now, it just checks if the object is gone, then reloads everything)
  • Horse animation is now applied every 250 ticks (about every 15 sec) for smoothness
  • Added sawned off shotgun to active gun list.Damages equal that of a shotgun, for now
    • Added sawned off to every gun-related list
    • Removed sawned off from anticheat gun-hack
    • Fixed a sawnoff GUI issue, should show up properly now
  • Added a ping kicker: max ping = 600, sends a global msg and kicks, no logging
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