Bloodsplat script feature


While I haven’t been doing much, I’ve mainly been focussing on small nifty features which add a bit to the immersion of the server. One of these features is the bloodsplat feature. In essence, if you get shot or stabbed, you’ll get a bloodsplat on your screen. It’s still a prototype for now (as I’m still ironing out some bugs), but this will pretty much be the script.

The splats fade out every 200ms and are randomised. They can also be stacked with no issue.

This video is from the development server, so there may still be some issues, but you can see the framework is already there.


Early morning changelog of 03/05/17

CHANGELOG OF 3RD OF MAY 2017 { Added player and staff motds, with multi-line support. Cleaned up and rearranged login messages. It’s now more clar. Redesigned the login and registration dialog. Error messages now show up, too. Added /charity and /servertime. Added anti dumbass warning too, also enabled logging on… Continue Reading Early morning changelog of 03/05/17

Gamemode Changelog 27/04/2017 Pt. 1

Changelog 24/04/2017 Pt. 1

  • Added a patch for the horse despawn bug when driving in tight proximities with foilage
  • (Doesn’t reload every x time now, it just checks if the object is gone, then reloads everything)
  • Horse animation is now applied every 250 ticks (about every 15 sec) for smoothness
  • Added sawned off shotgun to active gun list.Damages equal that of a shotgun, for now
    • Added sawned off to every gun-related list
    • Removed sawned off from anticheat gun-hack
    • Fixed a sawnoff GUI issue, should show up properly now
  • Added a ping kicker: max ping = 600, sends a global msg and kicks, no logging
    Continue Reading Gamemode Changelog 27/04/2017 Pt. 1