Gamemode Changelog 27/04/2017 Pt. 1

Changelog 24/04/2017 Pt. 1

  • Added a patch for the horse despawn bug when driving in tight proximities with foilage
  • (Doesn’t reload every x time now, it just checks if the object is gone, then reloads everything)
  • Horse animation is now applied every 250 ticks (about every 15 sec) for smoothness
  • Added sawned off shotgun to active gun list.Damages equal that of a shotgun, for now
    • Added sawned off to every gun-related list
    • Removed sawned off from anticheat gun-hack
    • Fixed a sawnoff GUI issue, should show up properly now
  • Added a ping kicker: max ping = 600, sends a global msg and kicks, no logging
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