The server has officially launched on the 1st of August 2017, following the launch we have reached a influx of new players and mix of the existing ones which rounded up to our estimate record of 40 players on launch. Nevertheless we kept grinding thanks to our strong and passionate community and have balanced our activity throughout the Eastern and US/Pacific time-zones. We give a huge thanks to everyone who participated on launch or found out about us afterwards, we are all happy to have you aboard and willing participants on this journey in the Wild West!


Here are some screenshots and media following some role play scenes and immersive scenarios throughout the days of launch till now.



Welcome to the new website!

Hello, After a brief discussion with the management team, we’ve decided to add WordPress to our main website URL to allow people to easily keep up to date with news. This section will primarily feature changelogs but also useful information such as sheriff recruitment drivers, staff applications, In Character happenings… Continue Reading Welcome to the new website!