Prison Map

This is the starter prison map. Every cell has distinctive features to make it interesting.

Some parts of the prison are still empty or clear. This is done intently, with the thought in mind that it creates room for future expansions. Shortly after launch we won’t be enforcing prison roleplay much as it’s generally the case with lower pop servers that it acts as a deterrent for roleplay. That’s what we want to avoid, that’s why this serves as a base mapping instead of a finalized project.

Once the prison becomes a small center point for roleplay, we will expand to it and add more things to do there.

Bloodsplat script feature


While I haven’t been doing much, I’ve mainly been focussing on small nifty features which add a bit to the immersion of the server. One of these features is the bloodsplat feature. In essence, if you get shot or stabbed, you’ll get a bloodsplat on your screen. It’s still a prototype for now (as I’m still ironing out some bugs), but this will pretty much be the script.

The splats fade out every 200ms and are randomised. They can also be stacked with no issue.

This video is from the development server, so there may still be some issues, but you can see the framework is already there.